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Jared Martinez, the self styled “FX Chief”, is founder of the Market Traders Institute, the “Worlds Leaders in Forex Education”. Mr Martinez, according to his biography is a self taught Forex trader, mentor, author and entrepreneur who was personally mentored by Steven Covey.

Market Traders Institute was established in 1994 by Mr. Martinez which means that the course and company have been around for over 18 years which one would assume means that the company and training methods have at least stood the test of time. As far as his claims of being an author, in fairness, the books authored by him seem to be the ones available for download via the site. In this review we will examine some of the forex training offered by Market Traders Institute and also look at what real customers are saying about them.

Courses Offered By The Market Traders Institute

The Market Traders Institute offer “The Ultimate Traders Package On Demand” which includes a satisfaction guarantee, which promises to be more than a refund , however it is unclear whether there is in fact a money back guarantee or not. The guarantee however does promise a lifetime of the highest quality, easy to follow Forex training which includes exceptional Forex resources.

The Ultimate Traders Package on Demand is one of the primary courses offered by Market Traders Institute. This package includes 16 in-depth online Forex training modules, which are packed with essential Forex information. It also includes 12 online classes which explain candlesticks, Fibonacci and much more. It includes exclusive systems based trading which promises to teach you to spot market direction as well as spotting entry and exit positions. The course includes an online mentorship program which is hosted by the FX Chief himself. And finally, the course also offers on-site classes for two days of intensive personal Forex training. The Ultimate Traders Package sells for whopping $5995.

Market Traders Institute also offer the MTI Forex Ballistic Scalping Course which teaches traders to scalp between 10 and 20 pips per trade. The system seems to suggest profits of about 600 pips per month using the scalping system. It includes 3 scalping strategies an online video webinar which teaches you how to implement the system, and a recorded version of a class where the system is implemented. There is no listed price for this course that I could find on the site.

They also offer a “Forex Mastery” course which is aimed at seasoned traders who are serious about trading. This course promises to teach how to create three master Trader Systems, how to catch the breakout and trade the daily trading range, entries and exits and master systems for long medium and short term trading. It includes one on one training, live strategies from a professional, and a detailed manual with instructions, rules and checklists. This system seems to boast pip profits of approximately 4500 pips per month on average. As far as I can see there is no price listed for this course either.

What Do Their Market Traders Institute Customers Say?

I’ve looked at reviews of more than 100 customers and the feedback is extreme to say the least. Some clients claim that there are actions pending against the company and that “Market Traders Institute” are total scammers and there are customers who have posted rave reviews about the course. The average star rating for these customer is currently sitting at 3/5, which is unfortunately not what I would like to see in a course that is this expensive. I have to mention though that reviews have improved in the last year, so that is a good sign.

My Personal Impressions Of The Market Traders Institute

I have not subscribed to any of the courses offered by Market Traders Institute, and my impressions are based on the free material offered for download as well as my overall impression of the site, however I would approach this course with caution because almost six thousands dollars is a fortune of money and a course really needs to offer a lot to warrant that kind of fee. The hype on the page and surrounding Mr. Martinez, in my opinion detracts from the plausibility of the course.

The books he claims to have authored, especially the one entitled “10 Essentials of Forex Trading” offer almost no information and the information it does contain is so basic that any site on Forex would contain this information. My overall impression is that this site offers all hype and I would highly recommend joining their free classes and webinars offered to make a more educated decision before you consider investing in this particular course.

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